About Sri Sri Ayurveda

Om Namaami Dhanwantari aadi Devam sura asuraihi vandhita paada padhman
Loke jaraa rak bhaya mrithyu naashanam Dhaataaram eesham vividha aushadheenam.

(I bow and humbly request Lord Dhanwantari, who is the embodiment of perfect health -- respected by great seers and evil people -- to remove old age, disease, fear and death through His divine presence in all natural herbal medicines.)

India showcases so many wealth to the world, Yoga, classical dance, music, food, fashion, information technology, tourism and Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is a medicine that has withstood the test of time, with an aim of preserving health & eliminating diseases from the root. Taking birth in India several thousands of years ago, a congregation of Vedic Rishis from the Himalayas passed on this ancient knowledge orally to lineage of sages and created the oldest written text of Ayurveda. Ayurveda has journeyed around the world to Chinese, Tibetans, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Persian civilizations.

In only the last century this ancient healing system of Ayurveda has taken a back seat and has been dominated by the modern allopathic medicine. We are living in a modern era, where peoples’ lifestyles are veered into chaos as a bombardment of all our Senses. The result is the disruption of the natural rhythm of life. Ayurveda is that which can bring us back to the rhythm of nature.

Ayur means life and Veda is the Science. Recognizing the science of life is embedded in the nature’s elements; Earth, water, fire, air and space. And these elements form part of our very existence. In times of global warming and environmental disruptions, mankind is questioning the relationship between having a healthy earth and having a healthy mind & Body. Ayurveda insists that within nature’s balance lies all the essential remedies for good health.

Sri Sri Ayurveda, is the dawn of a new era of Ayurveda, bringing to light the authenticity of science & the practicality in the modern day.

Sri Sri Ayurveda represent in its entirety, a holistic lifestyle. It embodies at the state of the of art factory, Panchakarma Center, Collage of Ayurvedic science and research and the hospital. Established in 2002, within the grounds of the Art of Living International center, the factory is operating a world class production unit, research and development division, Quality Control Unit. The Facility has a prestigious GMP and HACCP certifications.

Sri Sri Ayurveda effective herbs are extensively producing high quality medicines which undergo rigorous study and research by traditional ayurvedic doctors and modern scientist and physicians.

What makes our product line unique is that all employees mediate on daily basis to ensure that the environment sustains positive, healthy and energetic atmosphere as well as manufacture of high quality products.

Sri Sri Ayurveda also offers personal care products for the body, hair and skin, as well as the food and nutrition line which is largely developing herbal teas and food supplements such as rich raagi health drinks.

The architectural magnificence of the Panchkarma center has its traditional therapies designed to assist the body in the internal cleansing process eliminating the toxins and weight and other excesses to bring about the effective balance

Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research established in 2004-­‐2005 has a mission of producing excellent Physicians, Surgeons, Ayurvedic Scholars and Teachers who research to bring the best of Ayurveda to the world. As it is the college students receive a broad based education, gaining exposure to both the rich and authentic Ayurvedic practices integrated with the knowledge of modern science.

There is medical paradigm shift which we are experiencing today with a clear movement towards holistic health and acknowledgement of human being as a product of nature a complex of the mind, body & sprit.

Let us embrace the mother of all medicine “Ayurveda” as we continue our journey of good health. The dynamic expression of life…………