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Sri Sri Ayurveda Organic Ashwagandha Tablets

Stress Reduction

Batch No.: OAG05/14
Mfg. Date: Sep-14
Expiry Date: Aug-17

Latin Name : Withania Somnifera
Family: Solanaceae
Common Name: Asgandh
English Name: Winter Cherry

Ashwagandha  is an age old Ayurveda anti stress herb. Also popularly known as the Indian Ginseng. The word Ashwagandha in Sanskrit means "the smell of the horse"...the smell of the root is similar to the smell of horse dung. Otherwise known as "Indian Gingseng", it increase imunity and is a potent aphrodisiac.

It is a unique herb with anti stress and adaptogenic action that improves physical and mental fitness and helps with daily stress management. It increases physiological endurance and inhibits chronic stress related physiological abnormalities. It is effective in impotency and weakness. It promotes sleep, balance the nervous system and restores energy and strength. It also helps delay premature aging.  

A part of sale proceeds support the Art of Living Foundation's rural & social welfare projects worldwide.

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