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SKU : 10000000000040
Format : Print
Language :English
Author : D. K. Hari, D. K. Hema Hari

They say everything on this planet comes with an expiry date. The world itself is no exception. 21st of December, 2012, A day that in particular parlance has been referred to as the 'Doomsday'. How did this date pop up and why this fear? This book takes you on an unforgettable journey, over 5000 years back in time, where it all started. In an attempt to unearth the real story buried under the sands of time, this book hits upon an unmistakable connect between two of the oldest civilizations of the world - the Mayan and the Indian. A connect between their systems of measurement and calculation of time, their calendars, their understanding of the skies, their architecture and much more. It is more than amazing to discover that the pieces of the jigsaw fit so snugly across the Pacific, across the spectrum of knowledge.

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